Monday, July 16, 2007

Cheerios Medley

A late night snack of three different Cheerios brand cereals with 2% organic cow milk hits the spot.

I mixed together Multi-grain Cheerios with the new Fruity Cheerios plus some of the new Berry Cheerios, added some Uncle Sam's for extra fiber ( I am on cholesterol watch) and the milk. On a one to ten scale, ten being perfect, I would give this snack a solid eight!

It tastes good and it's good for me and for the environment. I'm supporting healthier dairy farming and production by purchasing the organic milk. Organic milk seems to stay fresher tasting longer too.

This food is appealing in every way: physical health, taste, cost, and environment.

The Fruity Cheerios tastes better than Fruit Loops to me and it has less sugar.
The dried berries in Berry Cheerios have a strong flavor but that's the nature of dried foods.
Multi-grain Cheerios are just right. They have more flavor and sweetness than the regular Cheerios and are still good for me.

Ahhh...I never would have thought cereal could make me so happy.

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