Monday, July 16, 2007

Jiffy Cornbread Cake Review

I like it very much. After enjoying three slices with real whipped cream (from a tube) I've decided that I would make it again although not too often.
It keeps the classic Jiffy cornbread taste but using the Jiffy cake mix gives it a more refined texture. Surprisingly it was not much sweeter than the cornbread alone.
I think it would be great used as a strawberry shortcake.

My 9" square metal pan held all of the batter. It did bake to the top so it's a substantial cake and I tweaked the oven temperature a bit and it took a tad longer to bake than the cornbread alone or the cake alone.

A nice dessert or even used as a fancy cornbread with a frugal price tag. The bread/cake was probably no more than $1.00 to buy, mix, and bake. Not bad.

I used the directions and ingredients from both boxes and adjusted as follows:
*Two eggs (one for each box).
*Added milk and water to equal the totaled liquids for each box.
*Added a tablespoon of vegetable oil for extra moistness.
*I split the difference for baking called for 350 degrees and the other was I averaged to 375 degrees and it baked just fine adding just a few minutes over the twenty minute time and I did keep watch over it starting at 15 minutes.

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