Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wearing Organically Grown Cotton PJ's to the Dentist

I'm gonna wear my new organic cotton pajamas to the dentist tomorrow. They look like sweats so it's okay. I'll be comfy and when I get home I can just get in bed!

Organic cotton. It's so neat that clothes are made from a plant though I'm not sure how important organic clothing is. I guess not using chemicals on the plant helps the surrounding environment also.

I just looked it up online and one of the catch phrases is, "organic production systems have a low impact on the environment".

So basically I'm helping the environment by wearing soft, comfy clothes!!! I'm glad to do my part!


Anonymous said...

I've seen organic baby wipes, but just can't bring myself to pay for for something that wipes up poo! Praying that you have a dentist visit that is as stress-free as possible!

elle said...

We buy big people wipes! Cheap, store brand ones.
Thanks for the prayers...I've always had sensitive teeth that decay easily so the dentist is a big deal for me.