Monday, August 20, 2007

The Cemetary Telemarketer

The newest marketing approach for cemetery plot sales. They offered to give me one plot free and clear. No catch, no fine print. I'm barely listening at this point and then, the spiel, the hook, the piece De la resistance!

It will help them sale more plots if people see my free one being "used". HUH? Yes, that's right, verbatim. They (family or friend) will see your new "residence" and will want to buy and move in themselves. Yeah right. Let's all move into the new neighborhood. (my paraphrase)

Bury her and they will come.

I wonder why she called me? Hopefully, there would be a very long wait before I would be moving in.

How is this related to my Green Earth?
Because I'm still walking on it!!!


April B. said...

Oh my goodness! I haven't laughed that hard today! Now that's a story!
Maybe you can go loosen the dirt around it so it would look used. lol I wonder how many they are selling with that line??

Anonymous said...

I would have taken them up on it!!! But I'm weird!

elle said...

Hey Guys...truth is stranger than fiction, eh?
So Tam, you want me to give them your number?

Anonymous said...

No need, I'm sure if it's meant to be they'll find my number!