Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Steroid Enhanced Little Leaguers?

The news isn't good. Parents supposedly giving their young ones illegal hormones so they can be the star?
Children cannot make this kind of decision and it's scary that adults can't either. This news really got me down. It's not about the hard anymore. It's about the unearned glory. It's fake and it is unhealthy.

How can you make the playing field level if the rules are not the same or enforced for everyone on the team? Any team?
Weekly testing? On their own nickel? Maybe.

How fair is it to the rule followers to have to pay to get poked to prove they are not users?
It's been said that steroid users are willing to accept the health risks for the glory.

No one asked me but if they did, I would vote against having lots of drug controlled super stars and settle for one or two natural stars with plenty of in-between talent.

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