Saturday, August 11, 2007

Getting Used to the Threats of Terror

I feel grieved that hearing news of threats and chatterings of threats are becoming such a common occurrence that the horror of it is being downgraded to "just another unsubstantiated threat we have to look into" kind of news story.

My country feels so infiltrated by people who do not have our best interests at heart that I hesitate sometimes when I'm walking through an airport or walking down a busy street. What if that news report is true and there really is a truck driving around with radioactive material?

I've been forced to learn a new lingo because of the increased terrorism in my homeland. Terms like: homeland security, internet chattering, terror alert status. I've had to memorize which alert status means what and which color goes with which alert and what I'm supposed to do or feel with each one.

I've had to pay closer attention to the news, national and local when I'm traveling to check for the most recent updates on airport security and what I can and cannot pack and if I need to arrive more than 3 hours early because some terrorist decided today it would be fun to make me wait or rush or be afraid.

It's always something.

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