Friday, August 15, 2008

Writing Spider

The Black and Yellow Garden Spider according to my Google resources.


April B. said...

We had a bunch of these last year and 3 egg sacks. This year we just have a few but a bunch of black widows. I think Mike has killed like 7 so far. I had never seen a black widow up close before. They are pretty creepy looking. Our GIRLS have to tell the BOYS in the neighborhood which spiders are good and bad. You should have seen them fuss at them when they wanted to kill the writing spider. Even Sarah was! lol We have taught them well! lol

elle said...

Hey You! Yeah, I didn't know about the writing spider either until I met Mike and his family. They were more outdoorsy than we were. At first I thought it was weird to admire a spider even tho' I was a "hippie". I saved that emotion for puppies and boyfriends but, I got it. They are beautiful and beneficial.