Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hummingbird Rescue

A female hummingbird flew into our garage and couldn't find her way back out so we got the ladder and the net both of which are over ten feet tall because our big Hoover garage is about 16 feet high or higher and over 20x30 so a large area to cover.

She was getting tired hovering and getting no where plus the fear of us humans trying eat her, in her perspective I'm sure.

Finally, she was netted by putting the net opening over her and tightening the rim against the ceiling and sort of gently scooting her out the door.

I couldn't see where or if she landed but she was hauling hummingbird butt that's for sure and certain.

Being able to save her was a great feeling. Birds tend to go high when they feel threatened and the ceiling is several feet higher than the door opening. She needed help and I'm really happy we were able to help her.

On a sad note, our Writing Spider has passed away and with no obvious reason. She is so big and beautiful. We will miss her.


April B. said...

Have you found an egg sack? When we didn't see our spider after a few days, we found an egg sack. There are pics of one on my other blog. I feel bad that I haven't posted on that one in a while. :-) I am glad the hummer is ok. :-)

elle said...

Gosh, I should look for one, huh?
There isn't one around the visible part of the web. I'll check behind the hedge.

elle said...

P.S. You should feel bad for negletting that blog because it is a very nice blog. ;)

I just clicked on it and then a link to the web watch. People report in about their writing spiders and where at in their yard they are nesting.

One said she's glad they aren't poisonous because her new puppy likes to eat all bugs! Yikes!

elle said...

typo alert..

April B. said...

Ok, Rachel got out her Audubon Southeastern field guide. She thinks it is a short-tailed ichneumons nest (type of wasp). I couldn't find any picks on google. I'll try to scan the pick and send the link. How big is the nest?

elle said...

Mike checked and no spider egg sack. She looked pretty young though and not fat in the middle like a lot of the photos I've seen.

The nest is about 2 1/2 inches long. It may be what she says because it is smooth and has that handle. Tell her thanks for helping out.