Monday, July 14, 2008

Green Changes Anyone Can Do Anytime That Also Save Money

1. Instead of buying or packing extra full size or trial size products re-use plastic bottles for trips. Use them for shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap. Rinse and repeat.

2. Use low wattage light bulbs. Also called energy efficient bulbs. Their shape is different from the traditional incandescent bulbs so they may not fit every lamp or appliance so using traditional bulbs in a lower wattage would save energy.

3. Air dried laundry, especially sheets, smells fresh, saves energy and money. Indoor air drying works well with the folding dryer contraptions that can be stored when not in use. Even in the wintertime they work well if they stand over a heater vent. This will also put humidity into the air which is usually low in the winter with a heater running.

4. Turn the water flow to low and slow when washing your face , brushing your teeth, hand washing dishes or clothes.

5. Turn the dryer off on the dishwasher and let the dishes air dry.

Make it a game to try and see how many ways there are in your day to day life to save energy and money.
It's been said by frugal authorities to try and see what's the least amount of energy or time needed to get the job done.
Use less:
clothes detergent
hot water
Until you find your bottom line as far as clean enough clothes or how much water is really needed to wash that load.

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