Friday, September 7, 2007

Shrimp Baiting Season Starts Friday, September 14 in South Carolina

The shrimp baiting season of 2007 starts noon Friday, September 14 and ends noon Monday, November 12.

I didn't know you could catch shrimp from May till December without a license and without bait in South Carolina.

I've read that the young shrimp are getting ready for their annual trek to the sea, just like the turtle, so this is when the bait season starts.

They say larger shrimp are more abundant in November so I'm tempted to wait until then to go.

We usually go shrimping in Beaufort or Bluffton, South Carolina. Occasionally Hilton Head.

I might try my turn at making the bait balls this year. It's just that they have a really strong odor. I'm glad the caught shrimp don't smell like the bait they've eaten.

I also may try throwing the net more often this year. Usually I drive the boat around the poles and bring it in close to the bait poles but not too close. I have to give the net thrower room to throw.

Shrimping has been like a fun date at times. I'm glad my husband knows how to do all these outdoorsy things and I can tag along asking questions, trying to help and do my part. Being on the water at night is really nice. Especially when the moon is full.

I like a full moon so I can clearly see what I'm pulling from the net! Those shrimp have sharp horns and some of the small saltwater fish have extremely sharp fins or whiskers. It's always fun to catch a small squid. When you release them, they usually blow ink and in a flash, they're gone.

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