Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Conserving Water During a Drought

My state has declared a severe drought in most counties.

There are four stages of drought and severe is the third stage.

Here are some of their suggestions for conserving water:

1. Take shorter showers, even plug the water during a shower to have a concrete idea of how much water is actually used.

2. If a bath is your thing, try filling the tub only half way instead of all the way.

3. Turn the water off while shaving or brushing your teeth.

4. Don't use the toilet as a trashcan for facial tissue and similar items. Flushing them uses several gallons of water.

5. Use the garbage disposal less often.

6. Outdoors, use plants and grasses that are drought tolerant.

7. Wash your car less often or use a bucket of water instead of leaving the hose on.

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