Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Perfect Response to a Telemarketer

I've been searching a long time for the most efficient and polite response to the telemarketers that still call my "do not call" number. I suppose there are hidden loopholes in marketing fine print that I cannot do without due to the business nature of my life. Dealing with credit cards, online sites , etc.., Even with privacy policies in place there is usually the excuse/explanation of sharing my "life" with businesses that claim I fall into their demographics or I'm told I would be interested in them for the same reason.

Anyway, since they will still call, yep, you plug it in and they will call, I've decided to try being polite but firm instead of hanging up (which I've done) or listening to their spiel (which hubby has done).
And so, without further ado, here it is...

"We do not like to do business on the phone."

That's it. And, it worked beautifully the first time I used it. Which was today.
I wonder if it will always work?

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