Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hybrid Car verses Any Old Car

I was thinking about the hybrids and how much energy they save with regard to natural resources and then I started wondering about buying used cars and how much energy they save with regard to "recycling".

No energy is used to make another new car.

Will the hybrid save as much energy as the used or recycled car? One saves natural resources by using less of them and the other one also saves natural resources by using less of them. But, which one saves the most energy in the long term? Because it's the long term that determines what needs to be done now to help save our Green Earth.


April B. said...

Good point! Oh and I love the pictures...they are awesome! I would LOVE it if they make a hybrid van...if it came out better in the long run. Oh...not sure if anyone told you but I got a 2000 Ford Windstar (mini van). We LOVE it! Talk to you soon!

elle said...

Thanks for the nice comments April! Congrats on your newish mini van. I still haven't made it to the new millenium. My 1998 Lumina just passed 80,000 miles but Mike wants me to get something newer to avoid higher maintanence costs as it gets older.

Anonymous said...

I agree with April, great point.

Oh, about mileage, our previous vehicle turned over 300,000 (mostly highway) miles and the only reason we got rid of it was because of our trip out west, so you get some good use out of your lumina yet!

elle said...

Well thank you too!
Wow, which vehicle was that?

Anonymous said...

The green Mercury Grand the car we have now, except it was green instead of white.

elle said...

wow, they really are grand! :)