Tuesday, July 10, 2007

elle's short list of ways to recycle plastic bags

1. Bathroom garbage bins are usually the right size for a grocery store plastic bag and at times I will reuse it more than once. Just empty and put back.

2. Most grocers have bins and boxes at the front of the store to bring your plastic bags for them to recycle. I assume into more bags? Hmmm...note to self...research bag recycling.

3. Reusing plastic bags as lunch bags makes good green sense. It is reuseable for a long time and will hold everything you need.

4. Smaller plastic bags such as sandwich bags and freezer bags are easily reused unless they were used to store uncooked meats. If the zipper wears out, use a twist tie.

I don't own the trendy new "I'm not a plastic bag" bag but I'm thinking of using a canvas bag I bought in the craft section of Walmart to personalize as my "green bag" bag using peramnant markers, etc..,

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